D-Link DP-301U Fast Ethernet Print Server – Default IP and Login Settings

D-Link DP-301U Print Server is an Ethernet/USB print server that connects

to your Ethernet/Fast Ethernet network anywhere you wish to locate printer
services. The DP-301U manages the flow of print files from workstations or file
servers to connected printers, delivering print jobs to printers much faster than a
file server or a PC acting as a print server can. With one USB (v2.0) port, the DP-
301U can connect to almost any printer with a USB port

D-Link DP-301U

Default Dlink DP-301U Router IP Address
The Default Dlink DP-301U Router IP Address is
Default Login Details
Dlink DP-301U Router IP Address Default Username is admin and Password is blank (empty)
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