eNAM -National Agriculture Market

National Agriculture Market (eNAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) is the lead agency for implementing eNAM under the aegis of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India.


To promote uniformity in agriculture marketing by streamlining of procedures across the integrated markets, removing information asymmetry between buyers and sellers and promoting real time price discovery based on actual demand and supply.

Integration of APMCs across the country through a common online market platform to facilitate pan-India trade in agriculture commodities, providing better price discovery through transparent auction process based on quality of produce along with timely online payment.

eNAM – Objectives
The main objectives of the Scheme are –
(i) to integrate markets first at the level of the States and eventually across the country through a common online market platform, to facilitate pan – India trade in agricultural commodities;
(ii) to streamline marketing / transaction procedures and make them uniform across all markets to promote efficient functioning of the markets;
(iii) to promote better marketing opportunities for farmers / sellers through online access to more buyers / markets, removal of information asymmetry between farmer and trader, better and real-time price discovery based on actual demand and supply of agricommodities, transparency in auction process, prices commensurate with quality of produce, online payment etc. that contribute to marketing efficiency;
(iv) to establish quality assaying systems for quality assurance to promote informed bidding by buyers; and
(v) to promote stable prices and availability of quality produce to consumers.

How to Register for eNAM farmers

User can register by Clicking http://www.enam.gov.in/web
Or visiting http://enam.gov.in/NAMV2/home/other_register.html in Registration Page.
Select “Registration Type” as “Farmer” and select the desired “APMC”.
Provide your correct Email ID as you will receive Login ID and Password in the same.
Once successfully Registered you will receive a Temporary Login ID & Password in the given e-mail.
Login to the Dashboard by clicking icon on www.enam.gov.in/web through the system.
User will find a Flashing Message on the Dashboard as: “Click here to register with APMC”.
Click on the Flashing Link which will redirect you to Registration Page for filling/updating details.
It will be sent for Approval to your selected APMC after KYC is completed.
After Successful Login to your Dashboard you will be able to see all APMC address details.
After Successful Submission user will receive an e-mail confirming the submission of application to concerned APMC with status of the Application as Submitted/In progress—approved—Rejected.
Once approved by APMC, you will receive eNAM Farmer Permanent Login ID (ex: HR866F00001) and Password for complete access on eNAM platform on the registered e-mail id.
Or you can contact to your respective Mandi/APMC for the same.

eNam Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. What is the difference between eNAM and the existing mandi system?
eNAM is not a parallel marketing structure but rather a device to create a national network of physical mandis which can be accessed online.It seeks to leverage the physical infrastructure of the mandis through an online trading portal, enabling buyers situated even outside the Mandi/ State to participate in trading at the local level.

2. Are there any conditions for joining eNAM?
States interested to integrate their mandis with eNAM are required to carry out following three reforms in their APMC Act.a) Single trading license (Unified) to be valid across the stateb) Single point levy of market fee across the state; andc) Provision for e-auction/ e-trading as a mode of price discovery

3. How will eNAM operate?
The eNAM electronic trading platform has been created with an investment by the Government of India (through the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare).It offers a “plug-in” to any market yard existing in a State (whether regulated or private). The special software developed for eNAM is available to each mandi which agrees to join the national network free of cost with necessary customization to conform to the regulations of each State Mandi Act.

4. Who will actually operate the eNAM platform?
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Govt. of India has appointed Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) as the Lead Implementing Agency of eNAM. SFAC will operate and maintain the eNAM platform with the help of a Strategic Partner, presently NFCL.

5. Will the APMC mandis lose out business due to eNAM?

Mandis do not lose any business. eNAM basically increases the choice of the farmer when he brings his produce to the mandi for sale. Local traders can bid for the produce, as also traders on the electronic platform sitting in other State/ Mandi. The farmer may choose to accept either the local offer or the online offer. In either case the transaction will be on the books of the local mandi and they will continue to earn the market fee. In fact, the volume of business will significantly increase as there will be greater competition for specific produce, resulting in higher market fees for the mandi.


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