Vodafone Delhi Nodal officer contact details

Below is the details of Nodal officer Vodafone Delhi

Vodafone Delhi Nodal officer
Sushma Khanna
Address: C 48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110 020
Phone: +91 98116 99317
Fax: +91 9811000009 / +91 98110 98114
Email: sushma.nodal@vodafone.com , nodal.delhi@vodafone.com

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101 Responses

  1. i am nitin bhimraoji tadaskar work at Aurangabad vodafone customer care as CSA post.i am very poor person.
    I remove rebuked 2nd time give me with final warning letter for customer call droped issues from Aurangabad serco global serveic ltd. But problem is must it all avaya.computer system is third class quality every CSA agent is travel in situation.please kindly sir i request u please stop him! i don’t agree with this serco global services ltd.more agent removed as same issues but not progress in adminstration computer system,avaya.hedset is very poor condionaly used.please i request u sir please help me.

  2. CHANDAN KUMAR says:

    Hi, I am chandan Kumar from Ghaziabad. Today I communicated with Mr Amir (customer care exicutve) of vodaphone based at okhla branch. My complain was that in my current bill 2400 Rs showing unbilled amount. I wanted to know how are the bifercation of thes amount. On my this mobile no BBM, Internate plan, SMS plan and rental amount is added. I just wanted to clairify that how much amount is going to deducted from this uses amount of 2400/-. He couldn’t able to make me understand in respect of that he shows me arrogancy when I said to him please transfer this call to your senior management exicutive. After all He put my call on hold and this get disconcted by it’s own. I never thought vodaphone customer care will give this type of negetive emage in my eyes. I was a user of airtel before one month back I port to Vodaphone. But Now I am thinking that my believe regarding Vodaphone was wrong. I totally disappointed by him. Kindly provide me such information as given above.

  3. Deepak says:

    My name Deepak my mobile no 9811701085 my complains my no no postpaid to prepaid converted not be successful VODAFONE executive Mr jatin and Mr Lucky sector 18 p-9 noida gotam budh nagar up and 168\2014 time 10 40 am my token no 56 demand of me executive s VODAFONE nodal officer no and e:email id not be provided executive and commented VODAFONE executive Mr jatin and Mr lucky tumhe jha Jana he jao jo karna he kar lo yeh nhe hoga company policy you’re bill junreted date 27 \8 \2014 abhe hum nahe karenge jao next time visit VODAFONE stor please my helped sir mem my altranet no 9811989702 \9811125199 \9999460001

  4. zaid says:

    I am zaid ahmed when I call to customer care executive to my any problems they does not talk in well manner ND they always transfer my call at IVR 121 Menu.
    if you does not resolved my problem very early thn I definitely leave dis company ND one more thing your company also loose many customers by dis unhealthy behavior….
    I hope u will take action in favor…….

  5. Gunjan pathak says:

    Dear mam , I bought a new postpaid number from u guys about 15 days ago nd give an amount of 250 rs nd my proof but till now my number is not activated and I’m calling mailing but u guys r not even replying so let me know why my number is not activated or just refund my 250 asap 🙂
    Contact number 919891078507

  6. chakresh jain says:

    REQUEST NO.ARE-11-11-14



  7. ajay mishra says:

    i have received a call on between 18-23 December 2014 from your side, after all discussion that executive provide ;me Rs. 200-/ beaver but i do not recieve any discount yet. after that i had call to the vodafone for the same on 30th dedce2014, he raised a complaint and he told me it will resolve till 03 jan 2015. but everything was fake.
    Therefore i think vodafone is a fake and fraud company.
    I would like to inform all that do not purchase vodafone connection.
    And also i will to consumer court for all the problem.

  8. ajay singh says:

    unfaire billing ever

  9. RAJNISH says:


    Contact numbers
    Postpaid : 9711399509
    E-mail : Shabbir.joseph7@vodafone.com

    Website : http://www.vodafone.in


    98110 98710

  10. Sandeep R. Yadav says:

    Dear Concern,

    I am the Vodafone Prepaid Customer having No. 9643531125 but 1 day I got a call from your Call Center & had been offered / introduced with Vodafone Postpaid 299 Plan / Scheme in which I had been offered Postpaid Connection which every month 500 MB. Internet & 1 Vodafone Local No. free (Unlimited), 40 Paisa per minute STD charge.

    Also your Customer Care Executive visited on my place & taken all the proofs for the same, taken Rs. 250 /- & given me 1 New SIM Card with the same No. & told me this will be activated after 2 -3 days but regret to inform you that the given SIM Card is not yet activated.

    You are requested to look into this & pls resolve the issue / activate the said SIM Card.

    Waiting for your reply.


  11. dear sir..
    I feel very guilty why I m in relctn with ur Vodafone company. ..
    today ur company will be debited my amount 146 rs…but ur ol executive r lier..
    so I want say u pls help me…I will call ur nodel officers but she nt pick call..so pls help me ..my number 9654834754 ..


  12. sumit kumar says:

    Dear mam,
    I am very disappointed to your customer care support excutives.because earlier i had requested for portability due to plan issue..
    Of my vodafone number 9953574865 for port out in another vendor but i have received a call from your backend team he offered me a better plan but after some time he said that he will call back with in a 10 minutes but his 10 minutes never came till yet ..and i follow up 5 to 6 times but your customer care guys said that sir u just do one thing u just deposit to all documents to another vendor and shift your connection..how can he/her say that …because i m yr customer for last almost two years ….how can he/ she do like this

    So pls do some thing and if possible pls call on same no before 1pm (10/2/15)

    Mobile no 9953574865,9718914181

  13. Sm Umair says:

    I am a Vodafone customer my no is 98735*****. This complaint is regarding MI_CAP_750_30d_R_PROMO_3G and booster pack 3G@100.
    I have been using RENTAL-MI_VOL_3G_250_1GB plan. Suddenly few months ago MI_CAP_750_30d_R_PROMO_3G appears in my bill without any deduction and without any notification. So I ask them what it is. They said it is something that will always be deducted so no needs to worry.
    But last month my bill included huge extra amount and when I ask them they said it is because I have consumed more than 1GB data. So I have to pay 750 extra just for very few MB extra data, as RENTAL-MI_VOL_3G_250_1GB also included capping MI_CAP_750_30d_R_PROMO_3G. But it was not included at the time of purchasing this plan that I can prove it in my Jan 2014 bill. So Vodafone please tell me WHEN DID I ASK YOU TO ACTIVATE THIS CAPPING FOR ME or WHEN DID YOU INFORM ME REGARDING THIS CAPPING???
    Also, Customer care executive miss guide me about booster pack 3G@100. They explain me that by activating this I am purchasing 300 MB extra data which cost me Rs. 100. That’s why I purchase it.
    This is the second time they cheat me and now saying unable to revise my bill. Why would I pay for the thing which I dint asks? You have no rights to activate/change any plan without concerning with the customer.
    Ticket number #1803731

  14. Mohit Rawat says:

    Hi Sushma,

    I want to lodge a complaint against the Vodafone’s promotional messages authenticity, the messages which were sent to my Vodafone No. 9716767787 on 23/02/2015 by using VD-611123.

    I’m attaching some pictures of my cell phone’s inbox related to this issue, hope you’ll try to notice the things which I want to highlight in this issue.

    On 23/02/2015 morning 9:34 I got a message from your promotional number VD-611123 that there is a special offer of “60 pe 80 ka talktime” on my number. So I recharged with the 60 rupees in the evening, but I got only 50 rupees instant talktime. I called the customer care and your Customer Support Executive Rahul told me that it’ll take 4 to 24 hrs in the activation and you need not to be worry because this offer is currently reflecting on your number. As special recharge takes this much of time I didn’t took much stress over this issue. But after 26 hrs when I still didn’t get the remaining balance I contacted (24/02/2015 in evening) to the Customer Care once again then the Executive once again told me that you just need not to worry as its some technical glitch with your number so that is the only reason that balance is still not transferred to your number. He also told me that he’s going to arrange a Call from technical department so that your balance could be transferred immediately and he also provided me the Request No. 803332748. I was waiting for that call but I never received a call related to my balance issue.

    So I took the initiative and made a call in morning (25/02/2015) but I was shocked after listening the reply of the Customer Support Executive (Ravinder) as he told me that there is not any offer like this 60 pe 80 talktime reflecting on my number. So there is not any balance credit remaining on my number, even he didn’t try to understand the complete scenario and was adamant to his words at last he put the phone. Same thing happened twice when I tried to call the customer support once again this time a lady (Komal) did the same thing.

    Finally I made a decision to port my number. I got a feedback call regarding my port message from your executive Umesh, but he also did not tried to provide any resolution on my issue instead he tried to offer me 100 minutes under customer retention offer. Oh come on! This is not an issue of 30 rupees talk time not an issue of getting free 100 minutes. This is the issue of Authenticity of your promotional messages, this is the matter of Customer Service, this is the issue of customer disrespect.

    That is how you gonna beat your competitors in Indian market by disrespecting your customers. On the basis of this pathetic customer service you gonna try to make yourself no.1 in India.

    I want my balance as well as a positive and immediate action on this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohit Rawat

  15. Suman says:

    I had a query regarding extending internet usage of my mobile no.I called up on customer care no .
    Kulwant suggested me to switch off my mobile data and also record the duration of my calls on paper.
    Please suggest me , this is the company policy to guide customer to note down on piece of paper the duration of call and usage of internet.He did not answer my question , where I am going wrong where I am exceeding my data limits.
    I am highly dissatisfied with your service and want to discontinue.
    For you customer is not a king but a fool, who borrows these stupid arguments.

  16. Deepak Thakkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are using your Vodafone numbers in Delhi NCR, in the name of VTC Tradewings Pvt Limited since past 4 years now . We requested one of your sales Head Mr. Shambhu Nath for update Authority signature so many times, but he is not entertaining our request. We already deposit document for update authority Signature since 2 years back even we submit again. But still not update our account.

    I am unable to under stand, when new connection is required / requested that time authority signatures always match but for any any other query authority signature differ. Is this not Dubious ? This unprofessional behaviour is not at all acceptable

    Also please read below chain mail and attached file.

    This continuous ignorance of our requests and repeated reminders for resolving this pending issue is raising doubts over the intention of doing so on part of Vodafone.

    I already send request mail to you 3rd Feb, this is a 2nd time request

    I hope that marking the mail at your address might help in resolving this issue once for all.

    Thanking You

    Yours Truly

    Deepak Thakkar
    97117 22287

  17. Deepak Thakkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are using your Vodafone numbers in Delhi NCR, in the name of VTC Tradewings Pvt Limited since past 4 years now . We requested one of your sales Head Mr. Shambhu Nath for update Authority signature so many times, but he is not entertaining our request. We already deposit document for update authority Signature since 2 years back even we submit again. But still not update our account.

    I am unable to under stand, when new connection is required / requested that time authority signatures always match but for any any other query authority signature differ. Is this not Dubious ? This unprofessional behaviour is not at all acceptable

    Also please read below chain mail and attached file.

    This continuous ignorance of our requests and repeated reminders for resolving this pending issue is raising doubts over the intention of doing so on part of Vodafone.

    I hope that marking the mail at your address might help in resolving this issue once for all.

  18. Tek Chand Goyal says:

    I’m a Vodafone customer since last 10 years. My mobile number is 9999498732. I want to aware you about my problem. My problem is that on 7th Feb I requested to activate 512 MB data on my number. But after one day I got a call we can’t activate on your number because you are using 499 red plan.I said Ok. On 13th Feb I talked with your executive regarding a new plan. If you have a good plan for me please tell otherwise I am going to port my number on this billing cycle. Then he offered me a plan of Rs.649 (399+250) 1000 minutes & 1GB 3G data. I come to know about this on 25th Feb when I received a sms of 200MB data consumption from Vodafone. Same day I called to customers care and asked about it then they reply only Rs.399 plan is activated on your number there are no data pack activated. I request him to raise my query.
    On 28th I again called on 111 and call picked by Ms. Pallavi , I explained my query to her and request to accelerate my query then she connect my call to her Senior. I again explained to her all the matter then she told me wait for 24-48 hours your query will be solved. But I didn’t get any call. Today I again called on 111 and talked with Shivani about all. But didn’t get any solution. Please help me.

  19. Santosh Kumar says:

    I m a corporate client of Vodafone having 25 corporate numbers but the services provided by firm is very poor. Recently i want to two new numbers then i call to Vodafone customer care regarding requirement and then send a executive namely mr. Manish Mob no. 7838737427, he collect all required document and give two numbers i.e. 8588818279-70 and say it will activated for two days but after passing one week these numbers are could not activated and when inquire they reply that these numbers are not working due to policy its only work when i take minimum five numbers and the plan is also not available. He reply very ruddly.

    Now i look to move/port all my 30 vodafone numbers to other service provider.

    Santosh Kumar
    Mob No. 9717874381

  20. Baljeet Chaudhary says:

    Service of vodafone is very poor.i have visited vodafone store 3 times for a short problem
    at M.G ROAD (JMD BUILDING).They convinced me to solve my problem.But from 10 days
    my problem is unsolved.

  21. Prashat Yadav says:

    I am Prashant yadav

    Vodafone is biggest lying and false information providing company

    on my postpaid no 9999663690
    from last few months i am getting bills more than my average bills

    so after continues complains i decided to leave vodafone sevices for good
    but after getting continuous call from vodafone about a plan in Rs 499 per month rental i decided not to port my services in this plan was continually told over and over and over that i will get 1000+1000 local +std min +512mb 3g data+more than 200 msg
    i asked many times about this plan from person who keep calling me time to time as my relationship manager, they tell me same thing
    even last month when 1 got bill of more than 1100 Rs and call u r helpline 198 they agree that it was their mistake provided in waiver of Rs 400, I again asked for detail of same plan they also confirm about plan and its benefits but in this month I found out that my plan was 499+274 monthly rental for same benefits

    I am not going to pay my hard earned money to a cpmpany like vodafone unless they provide me my correct bill


    Dear Shush,
    kindly this is my mobile no.8587894267,your company nad coustmer service is very bad,not good service and coustmer to cheat.wrong billing problem,wrong plain activated,yesterday my no. without reason outgoing stop AFTER THAN 10 TIMES CALL COUSTMERCARE NOT MY PROBLEM SOLVE,COMPLAIN NO.2549759184,PLZ. SHORTLY MY PROBLEM SOLVE,


  23. Atul Kumar says:

    Dear Shush Mam,

    My Name Is Atul Kumar in previous month I have call from the Vodafone customer Care Executive he suggest me to activate the Vodafone Red Plan 699 which will be benefit to me so i am activated the plan Vodafone red 699 and also i am told him plz deactivated my previous plan but still the my Internet plan 250 3g is not activated and he added in my bill .for this resone my bill is cross over 1000 rs . for this i am decided the change the plan go to the Vodafone store gurudwara rod gurgaon opp kamla Nehru park on my billing dated 24 /4/2015 and i am meet the mr Rais told him plz activate my all previous plan but he is not given any sr no and when i am again visit 27/4/2015 he said to me there was in backend team that why the request is not process plz help me in this matter . if you dont help me i am decided the leave the Vodafone services .

    Atul Kumar

  24. Gagan Kumar Mishra says:

    Dear Mam,
    My self Gagan Kumar Mishra. My vodafone number is 9911491147. I am unable to talk with
    customer care from three day’s, So please kindly solved my problem.

  25. cirana bharath kumar says:

    Dear Sushma,

    I am using Maruti Suzuki corporate plan and I am getting high internet charges with out any reason and no Vodafone store people were able to explain the reason why my internet bill is charged extra. and not even customer care
    Rude behavior in Vodafone stores and improper billing and asking the customer to port the number to other network.


  26. Rajeev kumar says:

    Dear mam
    My self Rajeev kumar 2 month ago vodafone person cl to me they are pich me for port no in vodafone that time I am using airtel opreter they explain many plan but chose 899 red plan my use according that time they told me benifit He told me you get 100 discount in month on bill amount for six month but I got bill but I so bill no discount in bill. That time I call to customer R.m but he told me who say you give 100 discount I told to him I got from your sales department but they not understand my problem. I complend to you we need 100 discount on my bill for six month If you not provide discount I not pay bill. And Vodafone network not good big issue I use 3g but every show 2g many time I called to customer care he such layer. He told me 5 ya 7 days vodafone technical team will be work. But now conditions same network problem same. So I request to you pls check my network problem and 100 discount.if you not any thing I leave vodafone service thanks.
    Rajeev Kumar

  27. satpal singh says:

    Respected medam ,
    maine 28 may 2015 ko mere vodafone pre-paid no. ko narayana vodafone store par ja kar post-paid me badli karwaya tha , parantu no. thik se nahi chal raha h
    30 may 2015 ko 01.33pm par mere dushre no. 9968573112 par kisi ki call aye jo ki 9873604790 se ki gae thi
    call karne wale ne apne-aap ko vodafone se bataya aur usne bahut hi bat-miji se bat ki h
    aap plz is veryfication/confarmation wale ka nam aur address plz bataye ….jiska no.-9873604790 h
    main bahut pareshan hun , ab main apne sabhi charon no. ko dushre net-work me karwane ki soch raha hun
    kya vodafone me itni girawat aa chuki h ki castuner se bhi bat-miji se bat krete h

  28. universe services says:


    2553117158 6th aug 14

    2560712408 6th sep 14

    2569161158 8th oct 14

    2583216164 2nddec14

    2588997292 24thdec 14


  29. anoop kumar says:

    my Vodafone connection no. is 9899396893 I have INR 95/- activate internet charges I GOTED 300 Mb after some all MB is leaps and then again i activate internet pack INR95/- then after some minutes we have loss 124 MB with out any reason and no Vodafone Customer care people were able to explain the reason why my internet MB leaps. Rude behavior in Vodafone customer. kindly take necessary action and give me my leaps MB return.


  30. Chitranshu says:

    Hi Team..

    I m Vodafone customer from last 5 years.. I m using number 8860117978.. Earlier it was prepaid on the name of Arnab mukharjee.. But now i have transferred it on my name n convert it as post paid..

    Yesterday sim services started n i got 2 GB 3g net data pack as free from Vodafone. I do have msgs for the same as well..

    Now after 24 hrs of using the services ur guys are calling me n asking me for pay Unbilled amount of 2100,rupees.!!

    Now u tell me… With 24,hrs or using the number..making 4-5,out going calls with the average of 2 min…. Is it logical to pay 2100/- bill.??

    Is this the way u guys are harresting Ur customer.. U guys are grabbing our pockets..

    Solve my issue…

    I m not gonna pay a single penny until my bill gets generate.. OK..

    Pfa the screen shot of msgs where in specifically mentioned that i got 2 gb net.. From Vodafone.

    Now My Out Going services are barred too,.

    Pt Chitranshu Awasthi



  31. Chitranshu says:

    Given contact numbers are false,, One is wrong number and second number is not working.

  32. Chitranshu says:

    Dear Sushma.

    Given contact numbers are false,, One is wrong number and second number is not working.. so kindly update your correct contact number

  33. Chitranshu says:

    Sushma.nodal@vodafone.com is also a wrong email id.

  34. Nitin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My number 9911161719 was barred due to verification process was failed and this number is port from idea. I had requested from all concern person to reverification process but it almost one week passed nobody take action against it. I am forwarding all mails to you. Please do the needful help.

  35. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am Sanchit sharma user no. (9999650003), i have placed a request to active the internet pack of Rs 147. But when i receive the SMS regarding some other service activation i call up to the customer service ,I had a conversation witha girl . !5 to 20 minutes she kept me on hold , then as per the converstion she promise me to refund the amount of Rs- 147 in 24hr . But in the evening when i call up someone named KULDEEP . Your agent don’t know how to talk with the customer , And saying that you have use the service and your amount will not be refunded , I want to know this type of Customer service you are giving , the agent doesn’t know how to talk . I want my money back today itself other wise i have to go with the mobile number Porting of all of my vodafone no. . I want my mobey back of Rs 147 to the number of 9999650003.

    Want my resolution till 2 pm . today .
    Better you would reply me on my mail . It would be better .

    If you don’t refund my money i have to quit my all the services from VODAFONE . And please give me my porting code of all these no.
    1. 9999968354
    2. 9999650003
    3. 9999800132
    4. 9999968296
    5. 9711427149
    6. 8588897200

    You are giving the worst service this is second time i have to mail regarding the service .

    Sanchit sharma

  36. Mukhpreet says:

    I’m so very pissed off with these guys now….no response…no solution….

    Money was taken out from my account but no recharge shown…..I’m fed up and no one is helping out

  37. Chakresh Tonger says:

    Porting issue
    Airtel Prepaid To Vodafone Prepaid
    Porting Date & Documation Submit on Vodafone Showroom Alpha 1st Near-Honey Money Greater Noida
    only 1 No. 9999039390 Activated in Vodafone
    But 9953821912 is not activated
    please check the system asap

    Chakresh Tonger
    Greater Noida

  38. Nishant says:

    I am a Vodafone Postpaid Customer having No. 9654067573,9873916573 in the name of Nishant kumar.,It is very sad to inform you that your customer service is very pathetic and always try to be fool the consumers.In my 2nd number 9873916573, I received the bill of Rs 3124 in the month of June and also received the call on 30th June from vodafone customer care. When I asked about unexpected bill and said that I want to port my number, he said that we are going to waive off Rs.1000/- and rest of amount you have to pay. Thus I paid 2124 Rs immediately and also asked for confirmation on mail but he said that he could not provide this on mail,Since that date I am continuously following on this and in between I am receiving calls from Vodafone Customer care to pay the pending amount for 4 to 5 times every day, I repeat the entire incident to everyone on call and they remain clueless about it and try to linger on and close the call after asking to wait for 10 days, and I am still in wait to receive the confirmation mail for this issue.

    So I want to port both my number please do the needful.

  39. HARDIT SINGH says:

    Respected SUSHMA KHANNA JI

    My name is HARDIT SINGH and I am a vodafone customer since last 13 yrs. and connection I am using at present are 9811118202 & 9999598202.
    From last 20-22 days I am not getting proper network. I have a 3G internet connection, but I am getting 2G speed other then this “incoming and outgoing calls” are not working properly.
    I had complaint on vodafone customer care centre, kalka ji and also to vodafone company through SMS. But still I havn’t getted any solution or any convinience to my complaint .
    So, I request you to kindly PORT my above numbers to any other network company.

    Thanking you


  40. Rahul Kumar says:

    I am very disappointed with your service that appellate or nodal officers numbers not connected then with whom we complained,I am using 3g but getting 2g speed ,complaining again and again but no response ,very poor service by Vodafone

    Rahul Kumar

  41. nitya nand says:

    my mobile no. is 9868884866 this is a COT no. vodaphone stop services without any my consent. I am paying all bills regularly.pl. check my records. my mobile off last 5 days. If no solution of this problem pl. on my phone for two days then i port my connection to any other co.. thanks

  42. bhupinder sharma says:

    my phone nos 9582782170 and 9582782070 were suddenly cancelled,on reapplying sim cards not activated ….getting mental agony and harassment…

  43. shubham says:

    mam vodafone ki bahut sari vacancy aa rahi hai Quker pe kya vodafone ki compny ki vacancy h ya koi befkuf bna raha h or 1350 rupaye jma karwa rahe h 15 din ki trening v dete h plz mam iske bare m hmko jankari mail kare thanks

  44. Devender Singh says:

    Please advise/ resolve the below issue…
    I took a corporate connection from your agent on 16 oct’15 who sits in our office building & he showed me the list of numbers to choose, and after selection he issued me the number(9873300653) and advised me to call on 117 for the activation…but when I called on this number he activated the different number( 9654056221)…and I denied to take that number as I did not choosed that…. and after that on 20 Oct’15 I gain call to customer care and they advised me to send a mail. so I have sent an email to CORPORATECARE.DEL@VODAFONE.COM but nothing happened. & I am still following up…..I am very much surprised and disappointed to see that a company like Vodafone can do a such kind of silly mistake as your agent collect my ID proofs for a chosen number and give another number…….and I am continuously getting unwanted call on this ” wrongly given number”

  45. Vinod chaudhary says:

    Dear sir I have taken two no. Postpaid connection and verification is done by positive .but my phone no.not active last 16 days my existing no. Is 9811913674 and my new no. Not active no. Is 9811482200, 9811572200

  46. Mohit pandey says:

    Am mohit pandey from new delhi ..my aircel no.is convert in vodafone but it can’t be oprated please help me and resolve my problem..my no. 8285768195 is not working vodafone and not working aircel …vodafone process is stop in circal ..am not working my buisness . Please help me

  47. pratishtha says:

    on the 7th of Dec i went to pay my bill off rupees 1730 at the Vodafone care kalkaji at 9:28pm i payed the amount of 1500 rupees but the machine stopped and gave me a receipt of rupees 1000 and even a messaged popped on my cell phone for rupees 1000, that very moment i called 199 an had a talk with a very nice rep. naiem ahmed he was a good listener and helped me accordingly, even asked me to register a complain with the Vodafone care people, the next day on the 8th of DEC i went to the office and registered my complain, the girl named Neha told me the issue will be resolved within 72 hrs.As today is 18th and i even went went to Vodafone office kalkaji yesterday i;e on 17th they asked me for another 48hrs. I don’t think that this is such a big problem that can not be resolved in over 10days of time.Iam so pissed with the not so courteous n bland behavior of the reps at the vodafone care

  48. Jeet Bhadur says:

    Am Jeet Bhadhur from faridabad. My Vodafone no. 9953024034. monthly plan 299 /- + service tax activated. but several times i call to vodafone customer care ask me our activated plan they told me 299/ – montly call plan & 299/- data plan activated. but data plan not activated our end.

  49. CHANDAN KUMAR says:

    This is to inform you that once again I am sending my transaction details of my monthly bank statement which has done on 28th december 2015. There is attached the document which is supporting to my communication. As per communication with your CCE last month on 27th Dec 2015 for the waver of Rs 700 /- in Nov’15 Bill. They had told me that within the 48hrs payment should be done. So, accordingly I had make a transaction of Rs 1900/- out of 2668/- which was conveyed to me. But after the payment, my outgoing and all function was Barred for two working days. When I contacted to the CCE, they told that your server is not working properly so no updation was there. I suffered a lots in terms of business loss and my communication with my customers but I managed well. But in last two days, I communicated regarding the waver the amount to your CCE, I got very ignorant reply from there.

    I am surprise that after producing the avidance you all are such intelligent that ignoring and allowing to go for consumer forum. There are the different types of Vodafone bills, SMS and communications are received which make me frustrated a lots that’s intolerable. This is forcing to me for take the help of legal act (Consumer forum).

    I was a consumer of Airtel last six years but as per your CCE communication regarding some attractive plan is available for my this mobile number, I switched to Vodafone but I get fraud by your CCE, there was no such plan was active on my number. I have send you email with attachements.

    Kindly look into this and take the action seriously otherwise I will look the help of Consumer forum.

    Note: Reply a me acknowledgement of this letter as fast as possible .

  50. BALRAJ says:


  51. kapil says:

    Fake numbers

  52. Tushar Mishra says:

    Sushma maam
    M tushar mishra recently I brought a Vodafone postpai sim from your official website , and your agent called me for Vodafone postpaid sim .
    I have submitted all required documents on 1 January 2016.
    When I have got a verification call at that time I was in office n I have not received call.
    But on second reference no. My uncle has also received verification call nhe has already Confirmed verification 2 times.

    But still my number is not activated n when I went to your coded ne store they told me that
    My number had given to the another on 3 January.
    How can this possible, because on 7 & 8 I hv received again verification call.
    No one is helping me
    I need my number it’s 9999336348
    I need variation in my office address
    It’s A98, sector-5 Noida, near ptm building
    Conexions ( Times of Your India )

    My current number is 8882155886

  53. Tushar Mishra says:

    I have used many networks but this first time to use Vodafone but unfortunately it’s very bad experience I got.
    Vodafone store and postpaid employees are fake and cheap

  54. Mushrat Hussain says:

    Vodafone is a big time liar and fraud. I took new sim from its DSA Omega Infotech and these buggers gave me wrong sim with different number. No help from Vodafone Customer Care or even from the nodal office. They have taken my money and given fake promises. Pathetic, Ridiculous no words to express my anger and dissatisfaction.

  55. Rambati says:

    please send call details from 1st April 2016 to 10th April 2016. My vodafone no. is 9999492708.

    • Rambati says:

      please send call details from 1st April 2016 to 12th April 2016. my vodafone no. is 9999492708. send detail at my Email Id .

      Note: send detail as fast as possible

  56. Dheeraj srivastava says:

    My name is dheeraj they cheated, me my number is a CUG NO my plan was rental of 99 rs from the day 1 i purchase with out any prior notice from 28 sep thay chabgw the plan from 99 to 149 when i call they are not replying n they do not have any answer when i email them they are not resoving the issue just sending me the diifrent plans details as the attachment in that email repky

  57. Mohd Rahber Ansari says:

    Dear Team

    Please activate my mobile vodafone sim 9212977447 on priority
    My no has been permanant close but i want prepaid no 9212977447
    I am shifted to out of station

    My new no 09985320785

  58. Gopinath das says:

    Dear nodal executive
    I am a Vodafone user m ,using it since last 4 years, some days before I got a call from Vodafone date this no Will closed soon ,I rushed to Vodafone store they said that it is DND case ,Vodafone can’t help me ,same day my close friend got same call from his operator airtel ,when he visited his operator and got some clue how this problem happened, one person aproched him throgh email and he called for a meeting ,when he called the person complain against him and problem was created ,he shows all proofs and his mobile no save and airtel confirm his no will not close, in same condition we are not getting any support from vodane after visiting several times.

  59. manoj says:

    My tel n 9811566179 bill is already pay but my ph is not working out going call not clear my bill amt is 744 anday is 750

  60. neeraj says:

    hello,my name is neeraj manral.my number is 9999819668.i have pay all the bill in time to time.but last few months i have face some problem.problem is my number is not properly working out going call .being process out going calls IVR.

  61. vipin kumar says:

    dear sir/mam my mob,no, in 9953011209 port in vodafone but my out going call stop due to verifaction .your marketing officer mantaion wrong add. (mcf b21) but my add. is mcf b121 i there req
    pls ressolve my problam as soon as .

  62. vipin kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My number 9953011209 was barred due to verification process was failed and this number is port from idea. I had requested from all concern person to reverification process but it almost one week passed nobody take action against it. I am forwarding all mails to you. Please do the needful help

  63. komal raaz yadav says:

    I’ m not able to call 198 helpline 9643181275. & trai to mail -sushma.nodal@vodafone.com , nodal.delhi@vodafone.com . But not delivered. Can you help me…? As per trai 198 is toll free helpline but you can check last 3 198 call charge 50 PD/ 3 min for this no.

  64. GULATI says:


    I have paid vodafone bill of 9999899674 of Rs. 420/- on dated 22 june 2016 but i regret to inform you that the payment has not been updated till now
    the details of payment is given below:

    mobile number : 9999899674
    Trasaction id : GITZ4560811312
    Date of payment : 22 june 2012
    amount : 420/-

    I request you to update my payment as soon as possible to avoid disconnection

  65. Mr. Imran says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Imran . my number is 9555763655. I have need 2 Postpaid Connection. So We have receive a voice call from this number. number is that 140894899 for the provide a new Vodafone postpaid number. He identified him Self Mr Akash and he provide his personal contact number is that 8800464823 or 8010136689. After it two days we submit my id,passport size photograph and 100 rupees of mr. imran and Id proof , photographs, 100 rupees. mr. aftab Alam to the doc boys Mr. vishnu his contact number is that 9654375530. on the date of 28/06/2016. at the time of 8 pm. on the Location in Labour chowk sec-62 NOIDA UP(201301). After that they are not receive my call.
    We harmfully request to you please pay attention on my case. We provide all conversation number is Vodafone Executive. 140894899, 9999931009, 8800464823, 8010136689, 9654375530

  66. Manish says:

    Every month lots of value added service issued by automatically and only increse the bill in high ratio why Vodafone do that this is not a poor company then y do this type of things

  67. Alvin John says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Evening,

    Hope that you are doing well. few months back I was said to pay my unpaid bills. After a few contact through emails one Mr.Avinash had contacted me from vodafone. His contact number is 9990222624 After certain negotiations I have cleared my unpaid bills. It was agreed to send me the receipt of the bill paid. It was also agreed to make my sim service a lifetime service. After paying my bills neither he had sent me the bill receipt nor he has made my sim into lifetime service. My all access to my important network is with this number. This number belongs very crucial to me and it has seen that my number has been given to some other person. This is not fair even after being agreed my number has been designated to another person.

    Is this the way that the prestigious company vodafone works. When the bill has to be paid you were all contacting me through mails and phone. I used to receive call very consequently every day but once the bills are paid this is what I get in return? I need a certain action taken regarding this and I want my number back as I have used this as my official and private number. Please do understand the depth of this issue.

    Waiting to hear from your side.

    Alvin John
    +966 59 300 3119
    +966 59 593 5928

  68. Hitender kumar says:

    Mujhe to vodafone company 420 lagti.hai. Nodal officer Sushma khanna ka contact no hi galat.hai. Main sab user se request karoonga vodafone se port karke kisi aur company ki.service le.

  69. Santosh pandey says:

    Mera naam santosh pandey hai mera samseya ye hai ki mere no. Se 23/9/2016 raat me karib 23:30 par balance 48 rs. Cut gaya hai …main after me aap ke customer care 199 pe phone kiya ..yeha par hmari baat 4 logo se hui..
    1. Sandeep & poonam complaint no.- 1070068748 ye to hume gol gol ghumane lage aur mera phone cut kar diya …
    2. Abhimniyu complaint no. – 1070063631
    Ye janab to hume hi bekhuf samj ke do logo ka naam bataya aur no. 01171032210 Bhi diya. Tab maine no. Milaya no to mila hi nahi…
    Aur had to tb jo gai jab maine last bar fir se customer care par phone kiya .
    3. Prageya ji se baat to hui lekin wha to mera phone hi cut kar di..
    Aap bataiye hum kya kare
    Kya aap logo ke boss mr. Rajiv kohli se baat karni paregi.
    Ya nahi to court la shahara lena parega..
    Hume one day me jawab chahiye ..
    Aur ye jo aap le workar hai in ke upar bhi aap deyaan de ….

  70. Manoj says:

    Don’t use vodafone services, I did take vodafone postpad connection 21-september-2016 and used minimum 3 to 4 days after that service has been barred, then i contact on 198 he were saying u have deposit 500 hundrade on vodafone store.

    vodafone ghatiya services fuck of vodafone

  71. Mujeebur raman says:

    I applied a Vodafone post paid sim card in back 5days but it didn’t come in service. So I request you to make it in service

  72. I applied for a Vodafone post paid sim card in back 4 days but it didn’t come in service till now.

  73. sudarshan says:


    Today one more customer decided leave Vodafone because of Liar customer care rep. Please take action against these people who are working in your company they are bringing bad name to your company. Last couple months I a being billed incorrectly and every time I called rep they promise to reduce bill next month and I get higher bill and top of that, I request to add data pack they do not do it and i get charged. Pathetic…have shame on these people. we Indian middle class people already go through lot of trouble in their day to day life and now your private company have started exploiting the people. I am writing a blog about his and escalate it to the higher level now..fed up now. Moving to Idea now..requested for Ported..do not take Vodafone promise me.

  74. Radhe shyam says:

    My cont no 7836039201 but not transition amount pls check

  75. naveen says:

    डियर सर,
    आपको इंग्लिश में तो समझ आता नही है इसलिए हिंदी मे लिख रहा हुँ! आपकी वोडाफोन की वेरी वेरी पूआर सेर्विस है! मेरा वोडाफोन नम्बर 9953627015 और 8447414059 अभी तक नही चला है! मै 25 बार आप के कस्टमर केयर मे बात कर चुका हु! आपकी सर्विस बहुत गंदी है! मेरा मोबाइल नम्बर 9953627015 और मेरा कोम्प्लन्ट नम्बर 276835994 है! और मेरा दूसरा मोबाइल नम्बर 8447414059 और मेरा कोम्प्लन्ट नम्बर 276837296 है! मैं 15 दिन से परेसान हु! अगर मेरे ये दोनो पोस्टपैड कनेक्शन चालू करने है! तो मुझे आज ही बता दे! वरना मैं एयरटेल के कनेक्शन ले लूँगा! ओर आपने बाकी के 10 नम्बर भी बंद करवा दूँगा! धन्यवाद!
    नवीन कुमार
    मोबाइल नम्बर 8683000982

    • Rohit says:

      Dear sir
      I Rohit Kumar, would like to say that i have a vodafone no. 9711522988 from last 8-9 years, but last 5-6 days before i number was not working and when i visited to your vodafone store at Hari Nagar (Delhi), which is near to my home, they said that your number is suspended and if you want the same number, then you have pay Rs. 3100/- for this, because this number is special number (As per u r store person) and you have to pay for it, if you want, so i would like to know that when i paid once for this then why should pay again and as i told that i m regular customer from 8-9 years, it means you didn’t care for your older customer and with in 5-6 days this no is suspended without intimation, so my humble request to you is please help me to provide my this number, otherwise i don’t have other option to go in consumer court for case on you for this cheating, so once again i requested you to please do needful,

      With Regards
      Rohit Kumar
      Alternate Number :- 09315088815

  76. nargis says:


    yesterday i visited at your Vodafone store preet vihar i meet your executive mr.sunny
    i want to migrate my number 965447311 to prepaid Ist attempt he say there is network problem please came after 4 o clock
    i visit 4 pm he say your request cannot be closed due to server problem i cant migrate your number in prepaid

    i request many time he told me i gave you sim but it is activated midnight

    but right know 11 o clock sim not activate

    what is the processor and why your executive make a fool if number prepaid to postpaid after 48 to 72 hour so how prepaid no active if you commuted to costumer

  77. Amit Parashar says:

    Hi Team,

    i have worst experience with vodafone to convert sim in prepaid i use postpaid sim more than 6 years.

  78. rohit says:

    vodafone coustmore sevices are very poor genelly okhla office i talk with imran supervisior and reetu csa that are put wrong diraction and plans and that are not know about communication and that have not any skill and they talk in very loud and no any satisfaction

  79. Pawan says:

    I geeting lot of msg from vodafone that your fashion ia activate. Your etc. Activate your 90 Rs. Add in your next bill. I just want to ask what is this how many. Time i complaine about the same problem but still its going fast service for the same. It is realy unacceptable. I want to closed vodafone service immediately. Because vodafone provided very bad service realy this too much.

  80. anshul singh says:

    डियर सर,
    आपको इंग्लिश में तो समझ आता नही है इसलिए हिंदी मे लिख रहा हुँ! आपकी वोडाफोन की वेरी वेरी पूआर सेर्विस है! मेरा वोडाफोन नम्बर 8447057484( 25) बार आप के कस्टमर केयर मे बात कर चुका हु! आपकी सर्विस बहुत गंदी है! May be you dont know hindi thats why writing in english I took a plan of ruppes 348 Par day data 1gb unlimited calls but your customers care is saying i have used 1 gb data in 2 hours how is this possible seriously i did not use such a 1 gb data plese check it and send me data pack back on the same number

  81. Shivam kumar says:

    dear sir , madam
    mai shivam kumar mera no hai 9873410787 mai pichale 3 mahine se pareshan hoo mai sirf feb 2017 me hi aap no use kiya mai 06 march 2017 ke bad bilkul use nahi kiya aour mera bil 2000 se bhi jyada bataya ja raha hai mai kai bar costumer se bat kar chuka hoo fir bhi koi hal nahi nikal mai sirf feb month ka bill bhar paunga kyoki koi istemal nahi kya hai
    mai kab se bol raha hoo mera plan change kar do fir bhi nahin hua bolte hai ki compny ke email id se mail karo
    mai Rs -1080 rupees jma karne ke liy atyar hoo
    shivam kumar

  82. JasRam gola says:

    My Vodafone no. Is–>9999250491 it is a postpaid no. My bill is unnecessary rs. 3860,I m a govt. Officer my Vodafone plan is rs. 99.
    Mene complain dali thi mujhe jab koi b answer nhi Mila and the request no. Is 328187708 on this date 8/4/2017 And the second request no. Is 332859964 on this date 19/4/17. And the most important is my phone outgoing is stop from 13/3/17 we have to face a many difficulties. .

  83. Manish negi says:

    Dear sir.,

    I need help,
    Your services not good
    Today By misteck my frnd activate mah 699 plan… And without mahh confirmations activate mahh plan..

    And no buddy hlp me
    Plz hlp me

    Sahi kaha kisi ne english tum logo ko smjh nahi ati h ।
    Abhi aram se smjhaya mene… Meri PORT ki request ko 2 mnth ho gye h obhi tk service request open h meri..

    I need hlp otherwise i’ll do something

    Manish negi

  84. Ashish khandelwal says:

    My name is ashish and my contact numbwr is 9818626204. Almost from last 1weak i am getting a call from(8447497523) your executives and been asked for mobile number portability. I refused them ao many times. Again on 06/07/2017 at 1511 hrs. i got a call from the same number for the same thing and one of executive by the name of nitin or rahul( i don’t remember the name). When i told him very politely that you people are calling self on daily basis and asking me for the same thing. I told him very very politely and in a gentle manner that please don’t call me again i am not interested in your career. Then the reply which i got was “HA HA CHAL PHONE RAKH CHAL”.

    Is this the way you people treat the customers. They don’t have manners and they don’t even know the meaning of etiquette. Teach them how to behave and what is the meaning of customer service. Before making them sit on the phones and making call just give them the training for manners ans etiquettes.
    You should kick them off from your customer service department.
    Ask him what is the meaning of “HA HA CHAL PHONE RAKH”. Or else give me his personal number self will teach him what is the meaning of customer service in his language.

  85. santosh kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Mera mobile no 7631881730 hai.1st July ko *121# pe offer dekh ke 149 she recharge karwaya jisme local v2v unltd+unltd 2g data validity 28 days tha abhi data 500 mb bata RHA hai customer care se bataya to WO thik se kuch nahi batata hair nodel officer ka number mila us number per call lagta nahi hai .sir kindly help me.

  86. Sanjeev Kumar Bhardwaj says:

    Request to resolve Network issue

  87. Sanjeev Kumar Bhardwaj says:

    Sanjeev Bhardwaj
    To nodel.delhi@vodafone.com 18 Jul at 1:27 PM

    Respected Madam/Sir,
    I become a new member of repute vodafone co. in the month of May 2016, porting my numbers (Total four) from Idea. Since the day my number is activated I facing a acute problem of network. The network of Vodafone is not available at my duty & residential place, which has created a big problem in my official as well social life.

    The matter was reported to customer care vide comp reg No 365139996 dt 07 Jul 2017 & 367103232/ 367104404 dt 12 Jul 2017. It was appraised by CCE that there is technical problem in network of vodafone co. and was assured to resolve the issue till 14 Jul 2017. But till date neither any positive response received from the vodafone co. nor my problem of network is resolved.

    Sir, in view of above, it is requested to kindly intervene & direct the concerned deptt. to resolve the network problem on priority.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sanjeev Bhardwaj
    Mob No: 7840004152

  88. vinay kumar says:

    recharge 396 on 27.7.2017 but calling benifit not provided me till date on mobile no. 8375811122

  89. ATHAR JAMAL says:

    I visited Vodafone store located in Sector 18 Noida on 12, 15 and 16 Aug 17. All three days I have to wait more than one hour for a simple query. Yesterday also I waited for more than an hour for my turn and requested to your customer care executive to change my current plan from postpaid to prepaid. He after doing all the formalities, gave me an assurance that the number will be changed from post paid to prepaid by 48 hours. Final bill of postpaid plan, I have paid Rs. 125/- . But after 15 minutes I received a message from Vodafone company,
    “RED 399 plan is now active on your Vodafone number. RED 399 Unlimited = Unlimited FREE Local & STD Calls + Free Incoming Calls on Roaming within India + 1GB 3G/4G Data. To check your data usage at any time dial *111*5*1# or log in to My Vodafone.
    Immediately I contacted customer care.He told that you have opted for 4G service & Red399 plan is activated in your number. Whereas I have requested for changing the plan from postpaid to prepaid.The customer care executive himself was unable to figure out what went wrong & was clueless. He suggested me to once again visit Vodafone store to resolve the issue.From the past 3 days continuously I am visiting your store & found your services unsatisfactory. How many times I should visit to your Outlet for a simply work, pay for parking an extra expenditure and consuming official working hours ?
    Requesting you to take suitable action immediately otherwise I am having only one option to go for alternative solution i.e. PORT to other network.

    Thanks & Regards
    Athar Jamal (9643206920)

  90. Vishal mahajan says:

    1april 2017 ,a plan activate on my number which provide by Vodafone retention team officer,which offer 349 in which unlimited calling and 10gb 3/4g data and its for lifetime, 12August 2017,I port out the msg,and then retention team officer call on my number and give me plan that 299 in which unlimited calling and 20gb 3//4g data,and said that this plan for lifetime,but today this plan activate and they said that this plan for 6 billing only,I have call recording in which retention team officer say that this plan for lifetime
    Sent from my vivo smart phone

  91. Uday pratap says:

    Hi , am Uday from Faridabad I had surrender my Vodafone no 8447702414 nine months ago but still my security refund 1800. Is pending am regularly visiting your Faridabad office but still there is no any benefit. Pls help me

  92. Rhea Singh says:

    Vodafone Delhi Nodal officer
    C 48, Okhla Industrial Area
    Phase II
    New Delhi – 110 020

    Dear Sir,

    This has reference to my 7 mobile connections, which are +91 9999990110,
    +91 9999990330, +91 9599552255, +91 9599553355, +91 9599554455, +91 9911830002, +91 9599265265.

    We have made the payment for all the numbers through Cheque of which the amount has been debited from our account and the evidence of the same has been given to your office but its showing in your account that the cheques are bouncing back.
    The details of the cheques are mentioned below:
    +91 999999011 161474 2,850
    +91 9999990330 161475 903
    +91 9599552255 161476 1,296
    +91 9599553355 161477 1,490
    +91 9599554455 161478 409
    +91 9911830002 161479 1,023
    +91 9599265265 161480 1,498

    We are very shocked that you are unable to track the payment as every cheque has been cleared from our bank and the evidence of the bank statement has been also sent to you.

    We are very upset with you as me and many of my company employees have been using Vodafone connection for many years now but you have no regard and your company has been harassing us.

    Kindly look into the matter and get it resolved at the earliest.

    Please treat this as most urgent and important.

    Thanking You !

    Warm Regards !

    Rhea Singh

  93. Isha Wason says:

    Hi !
    This is regarding my Vodafone number 9873632500 (Isha Wason) which we have converted into prepaid connection on 25th December and on 26th we have got it recharged for 101 RS as a mandatory first recharge for a Vodafone prepaid number. Today i attempted a recharge of 509/= on your Vodafone application for this same number from my debit card and on the first attempt the message flashed on the Vodafone application that due to some error the transaction didn’t go through and try again, on the second attempt it got through. But when i checked my bank account, 509 RS got deducted twice from my account. I called in Vodafone care for the complaint regarding this issue and I have been told that I can get a refund regarding the duplicate transaction but 18% GST will get deducted and the refund will come into my Vodafone account not into my bank account which is of no use for me as i have recharged my number for 84 days and again will follow the same recharge, then when and where would I spend that refunded amount.
    Secondly, there wasn’t any fault from my end, it was your application which showed an error message and asked to “Try Again” for the same transaction and I followed it. So why on Earth do we suffer for the error made by your application.
    I would like to raise this issue as a complaint and request you to look into this matter.
    Your revert on this complaint is awaited.

    Isha Wason

  94. Saurabh Tyagi says:


    Its been alittle more than month that I am not getting any vodafone network at home, though I am paying for the network that claims that Network would follow me wherever I go.

    Raised complains, however as usual no improvements, though Vodafone agrees that they are working on the new site near my area and instead of providing better services, there is no service at all which is being offered currently in my area and I am being charged normally as per my plan and “Happy to help” people say that I have to give them sometime and I should keep paying my bills with no expectation of network in my area.

    if there is no action taken in a weeks time on this then my family who has 7-8 Vodafone postpaid numbers would port out to other service provider.

    Thanks you for nothing!!

  95. Shafique Alam says:

    Myself Shafique Alam, mobile no – 9560677288, I have switched myself to VodaFone from Airtel (after using for 5 long years). Initially for first 4-5 months, I was very happy from your Services, but from Jan-2018 onwards I start getting problems and wrong commitment as well and now its high time.
    When I had switched from Airtel to Vodafone, I was offered some discount and my bill was coming near around Rs 300/- only. In the month of January the discount has been withdrawn without any intimation to me and I got a bill around Rs 800/-. I had done somany call to service desk and finally got some waiver and I paid the balance amount around Rs 500/-.
    At the same time your executive has advised me a plan of monthly rental of Rs: 199/- with approx. 600 calling mins. He confirmed me that there are no data uses but he will provide me around 1.0GB data monthly. But fact is that I never got that data uses, I had complained so many times and even one time I got a call from your feedback/escalation team and he confirmed me that he has gone through the recorded conversation between me and Vodafone executive and based on that he is providing me that 1 GB monthly data, But again it was never activated on my no, even I had called to service desk team again &again but every time it was told to me that “I am very sorry for the inconvenience but it’s not possible”. I adjusted myself, and continued with the monthly rental of Rs-199/-, time to time I was getting promotional call from Vodafone to upgrade my monthly plan , but every time I refused by saying that I cannot pay more than 240/250 monthly rental including GST.
    In last month (April-2018) as on 19-April-18, I got the similar promotional call to upgrade my plan to monthly rental of Rs-249/-. As usual I refused the same, but she insisted me and told me so many benefits, but I was still on my decision that I am satisfied with my existing plan of monthly rental of Rs-199/- . She further tried to convince me and requested me that to just use this plan just for a month and definitely you will be agreed continue the same, but by chance if you won’t be agree, we will revert to your existing plan of 199/- monthly rental. I agreed on the same but before confirming her , I agued that suppose after using this new plan for one month, I wanted to revert back to current plan and at that time this plan does not exist with Vodafone then how I get this plan? She replied, sir , don’t worry, it will be there and you will get this 199/- monthly rental. Further I forced her that if you will give me 100% confirmation that if I don’t like this new plan, I will get back this existing plan of Rs-199/- monthly rental, no matter this plan will exist with Vodafone or not. She told me to hold for moment to get the confirmation and finally she confirmed me that, OK Sir, I have taken special confirmation from the department. If you don’t like this new plan, just give a call to customer care no-199 and tell them we will activate Rs-199/- monthly rental plan for you.
    Day passed away and now it’s time for me to get back to monthly rental of Rs-199 as I don’t experienced any additional benefits during this one month period.
    Now I am keep calling to customer care no, but every time they saying the same statement that “ Sorry for the inconvenience, don’t worry sir, we will surely provide you the best solution”. But later on the same person says that “this plan does not exist anymore so we are unable to activate the same for you”. Worst part is that no one is bothered about the commitment done by a Vodafone executive.
    At last I decided to quit the Vodafone and sent the porting request for my no. The next day I got a call to know the reason of porting, I explained them whole scenario and reason. She assured me that some senior will call me back soon on the same with some decision. Later on after 2/3 hours I got another call and executive confirmed me that the concerned has been taken care of and Vodafone has decided to give you back the previous plan of 199/- rental. For that you just need to send a SMS to 199, i.e. write OUT and send it to 199, in next 24 to 48 hours your previous plan of monthly rental of Rs-199 will get activated. I did the same with a trust , but later on I came to know that this SMS is just to revert my porting request, nothing else.

    Means, I can’t explain, even can imagine that how smartly a Vodafone executive is playing with the trust of Vodafone Customer. For me/customers an executive is nothing but it is Vodafone itself. So all kind of misguiding, bluffing, cheating etc is done by Vodafone itself.
    Now my concern is, if Vodafone is unable to provide me my old plan of Monthly rental of Rs: 199/- , then just give me a discount of rupees equal to the difference between current plan (Rs-249/-) and previous plan(Rs-199/-) i.e. of Rs-50 monthly.

  96. Bijit says:

    Hello SIR/MAM


    I requested for address change as on 16th July 2108, since then there are end number of excuses for delay and request to wait for one day/two days. Each time I get in touch with the live chat agent, they request to wait till day end, I have been totally harassed, either by misplacing the documentation or stating there is technical fault.

    My address is not changed yet after I so much of understanding and waiting from my side.

    Corporate care agents call me and state there was some issue, it will not be repeated in future, waited till 31st of July as I needed to submit the address proof,

    It was not changed on 31st, I contacted live chat agent, and they said, we have escalated the matter with high priority to the team and actions were also taken for the executive and it will be changed within 15:30 Hrs on 31st . They requested to wait for one last time till 31st of August.

    Same was on 1st August , again same thing, they requested to give them a last chance. And positively everything will be done by EOD.

    Live Chat Agents : Jeejo, Kanishka, etc…. There were 4- 5 Agents

    Till now there has been no changes, after I submitted the documents 3 times(same document) as they kept on asking. – Please refer to the emails thread below. (Documents were misplaced , due to no accountability).

    Also check the emails from since 16th JULY to Vodafone Corporate care – bijit_364@yahoo.co.in,
    Phone number- 9643466012
    Name- Bijit Chakraborty

    New address : Tower – S, Flat 1405, Amrapali Princely Estate, Sector – 76, Noida 201301.

    As I also received an apology email dated 23rd and 27th of July and was told everything has been approved and it will be taken care.

    I am fed up now, Today is 2nd August. And it has been a complete harassment. I had to submit the address proof before 1st August for which I am already in MAJOR LOSS. Who will take care of it????? Your request and apology???????

    I will again receive an apology email stating I understand your concern!!!

    I do not wish to receive any understanding and apology. If this is the service you are providing for a small request, for other issues, you raise a false ticket and close it always.

    This is what You Guys do for a simple request, who will compensate for my time and mental harassment.

    Do I have to keep on Mailing and chatting and speaking with VODAFONE for every small issues, previously I complained for network issue, which could not be properly handled and took two months, again billing issue, and now this small request since 15 days.

    Tell me why shall I continue with VODAFONE and not take this matter to legal and social??

    PATHETIC and UNREALISTIC , FALSE Promises, FALSE Assurance, Harassment!!!!!!! NOT AT ALL Accountable.

    What did I get from all this!!!!!!!!

    I am forced to send a Legal notice and tweet on your service and also post on social networks. IT COSTED MY BUSINESS. TRUSTING YOU WAS MY FAULT.


  97. Jai dass says:

    Mera name jaidass h or mene ye no 9999009207 28/8/2018 ko new connection postpaid activate Kiya tha or 28/8/2018 se 6/9/2018 evening 5 pm tak mene use Kiya ye no fir Vodafone walo ne apne aap mera ye 9999009207 no disconnecte kr diya or meri koi sunwai nhi horhi Vodafone me.. C 45 Okhla industrial area phase ii new Delhi me mene visit ki or apni sikayat sunai pr waha ke nudal riti Lamba or Saurav Aggarwal ne mera no disconnecte kra k kisi other client ko sale karne ka unka plan h or mera Jo nuksaan huwa h uski bharpai Vodafone ko karni padegi nhi to Vodafone ka Jo nuksaan huga bhavishay me uska Vodafone or uski team khud jimmedar hogi agar Vodafone ki Puri team ko kuch saram h to ye mera 9999009207 mujhe continue active kr k de …..jaidass altinet no 9910005871

  98. Kuldeep joshi says:

    वोडाफोन द्वारा एक सिम कार्ड लिया हुआ है9783838851 जिसका port code पोर्टिंग कोड नहीं निकल पा रहा है बार-बार शिकायत दर्ज करवा दी परंतु समाधान नहीं किया जा रहा है

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